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Vw 1600 engine horsepower

The Volkswagen Type 3 is a compact car that was manufactured and marketed by Volkswagen from to The concept of the Type 3 was to be more of a family car than the Beetle, offering more passenger and luggage space and a larger engine. The Type 3 followed the Type 1 Beetle, utilizing a low-profile version of Volkswagen's rear-engined, 4-cylinder air-cooled engine, as well as body-on-chassis construction the body bolts to a frame that includes the floor pan[4] retaining the same wheelbase — but featuring ponton slab sided styling, in contrast to the Type 1's articulated fenders and running boards.

VW finalized the design by with prototypes ready for testing by In VW announced the new line as the "VW ". Production began in Augusta month before launch, of the Volkswagen Notchback, encompassing three-box styling in a notchback saloon body.

Volkswagen's intention was that this model should replace the Notchback, which is what happened in the UK market. However, in other markets, including the German domestic market, the number of customers preferring the older Notchback shaped car was higher than foreseen, and in the end both Notchback and Fastback body shapes remained in production until July Volkswagen of America began importing the Type 3 in in the "Squareback" 'Variant' badges were not used in the US market and "Fastback" but not the Notchback configurations.

The Type 3 was competing in the market with the Chevrolet Corvair that had been previously introduced in the United States inwhich incorporated a 6-cylinder rear-mounted air-cooled engine in notchback and station wagon body style, as well as a compact van derived from the platform. Inthe Type 3 'E' Einspritzung became the first German automobile in series production with electronic fuel injection Bosch D-Jetronic as standard equipment. The larger Volkswagen Type 4 was introduced in which had a similar mechanical layout with further engineering refinements.

For the model year, in the USA, a three-speed fully automatic transaxle became available, noted for extremely low internal friction. Forthe CV-jointed rear axle was standard with both automatic and manual transmissions.

Volkswagen offered the Type 3 in a lower trim level in Europe, marketed as the A trim level. The Basic Compact featured reduced content, including limited color and upholstery availability and without belt line chrome, a clock, or electric-heated rear window defogger. It had painted frames around the vent windows, a black cardboard front trunk liner over the gas tank without a liner on the sides of the trunk or over the firewall, plain vinyl door panels without door pockets and rubber mats in lieu of interior carpet.

While the Type 3 was a more modern design, it never reached the same level of popularity as the Beetle. As Volkswagen started to produce front-wheel-drive water-cooled designs, production ended in at the Wolfsburg plant. The Wolfsburg production facilities were then retooled to build the Golfwhich eventually replaced the Type 1 as Volkswagen's best selling sedan.

Production of the Type 3 moved to VW's new Emden plant, which was retooled later in to build the first generation Passat marketed variously, also as the "Dasher".

The Type 3 was initially equipped with a 1. This reduced the height of the engine profile, allowing greater cargo volume and earning its nicknames: the pancake or suitcase engine.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. VW Beetle engine. This premium VW dual port engine is painstakingly rebuilt to Volkswagen's factory specifications. Make your car drive like new again. This Volkswagen Beetle engine is used in many kit cars, dune buggys, sand rails, and your Beetles.

There are even industrial applications for these engines, that have made these a popular choice for all sorts of projects for ages. Click here for more info. Cores must be drained of all fluid or the core credit will not be refunded. Cores must be complete, assembled, unmodified, and in rebuildable condition to receive full credit.

This applies especially to alternators, starters, Bosch parts, brake calipers and steering racks. Once accepted for return, cores returned to Parts Place are thrown into a bin for rebuilding and become generic. A specific core cannot be returned to a customer for any reason.

Availability: In stock. For completing the installation of your VW Beetle engine get a new muffler! Maybe your want to top your engine off with new carbs too. Be the first to review this product. After hours? Fill out our contact us and we will get back to you within one business day. We're not just an internet company; we're a family owned bricks-and-mortar store, and a catalog mail-order company that's been in business for over 30 years.

We're real people who drive Volkswagens and know Volkswagens. When you call us, you talk to a real person who's changed out the injection pump on a Rabbit Diesel, or replaced the pushrod tubes on a Beetle. You'll never get routed to some call center in India!

We have a 10, square foot warehouse filled with VW parts located in Warren, Michigan. Cores must be returned within 30 days to receive core credit.

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Who We Are.The most reliable, fuel efficient engine for a Bug will be a with some modern improvements balanced crank, hydraulic lifters, oil filter, dog house oil cooler, electronic points, merged exhaust header, alternator, 3 angle valve job with the stock carburetor. Read the "All About Performance VW Engines" book mentioned below and you'll see that the most horsepower from a cc engine at rpm is actually the stock 34PICT-3 carb on a larger manifold apparently only available from CB Performance.

So called "bolt on horsepower" only applies at engine rpms over ! My Beetle never gets overso none of that stuff would help. Yes, read the dyno tests and you'll see that in normal driving the stock carb has more horsepower than any dual carb setup!

General engine specs

My engine has never run as well with the Weber as with the stock carburetor. Mostly the poor running is dumb stuff: the choke on the Weber is very poor, so either my car almost dies at idle when it is cold, or the choke doesn't open soon enough. Even when the car is hot the idle varies. For no reason the car will idle so slow it almost dies. I'm pretty sure that the secondary throttle plate sticks open a tiny bit unless I punch the gas pedal.

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Real horsepower you can use means HP at rpm and lower. The only true way to increase that is to have a larger engine.

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People tell me that is reliable. When you start getting to and cc sizes, the engine case what is called the engine block in water cooled cars has to be machined, and while these engines can be bullet-proof, it's a lot more money. About 56 HP for a 32 pict-3 carb.

However there are a lot of things that can make that engine loose power. Depending on the date of manufacture and the implimentation of natural aspiration or fuel-injection, the hp can range from 54 to 57 DIN.

This varies dependent upon the relative tune and compression as well as the state of the valve train and its adjustment.

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Take an auto mechanic class after you get your GED. This article is intended as a guide to the theory and choices involved in building performance Type 1 engines. There are careful decisions to be made with regard to the engine size and components that are "right" for what you have in mind.

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The Beetle is a fairly light car. It doesn't take a lot of power for you to really start to move! The very first thing you must do is determine exactly what it is you would like to achieve, and realistically assess the budget that you have to work with! Engine selection is a series of compromises - you can't have everything!The following modification and upgrade recommendations will give you the biggest grin-per-dollar for dollars you invest in your car!

Most of the VW performance modifications in this article are easily reversible, and do no damage to your stock VW. To help you stay in your budget, this guide attempts to present modifications in the order that will maximize the performance boost or drivability benefit per dollar you spend. Of course there are more involved VW performance and drivability modifications you could do, but this article focuses on mods that you should be able to make to your stock VW in a course of a just a few hours up to a few days.

Custom VW Shifter : price varies, 20 minutes work. You can never go wrong with a Gene Berg Shifter, but these are pricey and you often have to wait for them to do another run of the model you desire. The good news is that Vintage Speed Shifters are excellent, and readily available too!

So here we go with a run down of your shifter options! When we published the first version of this article in the late 90s, there were only a couple shifters we recommended.

But now over 2 decades later, there are a ton of good shifter choices, depending on what you want! Scat Drag Fast Shifters made a huge splash when they were introduced over 30 years ago, and are still a popular choice. But if you want the tightest shift pattern possible, Scat Drag Fast is for you. The Vintage Speed Short Shifter accommodates your long arms!


Aside from the actual H4 assembly listed above, you have 3 choices in lighting! Here at ACN we carry 3 levels of lights. So they are a great option for you guys with meager 30A generators, or big stereos. This regulator kicks the set-point voltage up to This is a really great upgrade for cheap! The ones we carry are made by a company called Wheelskins, and the product is made and sourced in the USA! We feel they are the best, and we have them for most stock steering wheels.

The next level of upgrade requires actually changing the steering wheel. The smaller the steering wheel, the more difficult the steering effort, but the quicker the steering response will be!

Since you are most likely stronger than and drive faster than Grandma, you can take advantage of a more responsive, smaller steering wheel, and you will also get more choices in color and style. For years the steering wheel of choice for a nice VW was made by Nardi, a hand-made Italian steering wheel. But with recent economic changes they have priced themselves completely out of the VW market. Fortunately, Volante Steering Wheels have come to the rescue!

We recently brought in Volante Steering Wheelsalong with their adapters, into our parts lineup.The total number of Beetles built was 21, but the same engine design also drove millions of VW Microbus vans, Karmann Ghia sports coupes, roundbacks, squarebacks, and Things.

Volkswagen made versions of this engine for boats, airplanes, stationary power generators, pumps, and many more industrial applications. With a few key differences, the same engine design drove the legendary Porsche and Spyder, as well as the Porsche through the mids. In the VW design, the engine block is a two-piece crankcase made of pot metal aluminum alloy. The camshaft is captive in the crankcase, underneath the crankshaft.

Miraculously, the crankcase seals well enough to keep the oil from leaking too much, although these engines all develop leaks over time. Then the pistons ride in replaceable steel barrels with fins for heat radiation. The cylinder heads are made of aluminum. Large steel studs anchored in the crankcase hold the halves together and sandwich the cylinder barrels between the heads and the crankcase.

Volkswagen Type 3

Pushrods operate in flexible tubes beneath the cylinders. The pushrods are hollow to bring pressurized oil out to the valvetrain, and then back to the sump through the flex tubes. The exhaust ports are on the front and rear sides of the heads. The VW air-cooled engine design uses a single fan belt driven by the crank pulley, and driving the generator and cooling fan. The engine has shaped sheet metal that directs the cooling air through the full-flow oil cooler and then down over the cylinder barrels and out of the car.

The distributor and fuel pump are also crank-driven. In the s, VW went through 1,cc and 1,cc transition models before coming to the 1,cc single intake port design, and then the 1,cc dual port design at 60 horsepower, that lasted through the end of production.

Fuel injection came in late in the game, and had more to do with emissions requirements than performance. The basic VW air-cooled engine is a favorite for off-roaders and racers because the meager horsepower numbers from the factory are very easy to improve with just a few simple changes.

Displacement upgrades past 1,cc to the 2. VW heads respond well to porting work. ThroughVW products used 6-volt electrical systems. You can continue to use the 6-volt starter, which will turn over rapidly, but also wear out sooner. Strong and weak points The VW air-cooled engine design is inherently strong, even with only three real main bearings, because the crank is shorter than most four-cylinder designs.

Bearings are available oversized on the outside diameter and undersized on the inside diameter to match the condition of both the case and the crank. The oil cooler is mounted on the left side of the engine. Cooling air passes through the cooler before arriving at the left side cylinders.

There is no impediment to air flowing to the right side cylinders. Failures like cracked valves and holed pistons tend to be concentrated on the left side.

Historic Engines – The Venerable VW Air-Cooled Four-Cylinder Engine

Specifically cylinder 3 is forward on the car and tends to be the hottest. The VW engine is also popular in off-road racing. Virtually every sanctioning body has a class for Baja Bugs or buggies powered by VW air-cooled engines. Beyond racing, the Volkswagen engine is a popular choice for sporting applications in dune buggies, sand rails, and other off-road vehicles. With tens of millions in the world, the VW air-cooled engine is a safe choice for any project. We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request.

We promise not to use your email address for anything but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia Network. About Us Sponsors Advertising.

The basic VW air-cooled engine In the VW design, the engine block is a two-piece crankcase made of pot metal aluminum alloy. Performance improvements The basic VW air-cooled engine is a favorite for off-roaders and racers because the meager horsepower numbers from the factory are very easy to improve with just a few simple changes.The Volkswagen air-cooled engine is an air-cooled boxer engine with four horizontally opposed cast-iron cylinderscast aluminum alloy cylinder heads and pistonsmagnesium -alloy crankcaseand forged steel crankshaft and connecting rods.

vw 1600 engine horsepower

Variations of the engine were produced by Volkswagen plants worldwide from until for use in Volkswagen's own vehicles, notably the Type 1 BeetleType 2 bus, transporterType 3and Type 4.

Additionally, the engines were widely used in industrial, light aircraft and kit car applications. Like the Volkswagen Beetle produced after the war, the first Volkswagen Transporters bus used the Volkswagen air-cooled engine, a 1. Any examples that retain that early engine today are true survivors — since the engine was totally discontinued at the outset, no parts were ever made available.

vw 1600 engine horsepower

The second-generation Transporter, the Volkswagen Type 2 T2 employed a slightly larger version of the engine with 1. A "T2b" Type 2 was introduced by way of gradual change over three years.

The Type 2 featured a new, 1. While the long block remained the same as the Type 1, the engine cooling was redesigned reducing the height of the engine profile, allowing greater cargo volume, and earning the nicknames of "Pancake" or "Suitcase" engine. This engine's displacement would later increase to 1. Originally a single- or dual- carburetor 1. The 1. New cylinder heads were employed with new intake manifold geometry. The cylinder head was modified slightly with a larger opening in order to accommodate the larger cylinder diameter.

Was based on the with the cylinder bore increased to InVolkswagen introduced a new vehicle, the Volkswagen Type 4. The modeland later the modeloffered many new features to the Volkswagen lineup. The Type 4 came out with a new larger, heavier, stronger and more powerful engine based on the same design as previous aircooled engines but was physically larger in size and external dimensions.

Most parts are not interchangeable with earlier engines. While the VW was discontinued in when sales dropped, its engine continued as the VW Bus power plant for Volkswagen Type 2s produced from to it continued in modified form in the later Vanagon which was air-cooled from until mid In Europe, the four-cylinder cars were sold as Volkswagen-Porsches, at Volkswagen dealerships; while, in North America all 's were marketed as Porsches.Display Options. Already know the part number you need?

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vw 1600 engine horsepower

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vw 1600 engine horsepower

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